Piloting the eLearning Platform and Mobile App

In a significant achievement within the DigiLEAD project, partners successfully conducted the crucial phase of testing and validating the eLearning platform and mobile app.

Partners administered a comprehensive survey to evaluate the platform, the mobile app, and the various resources, with direct input from end-users form all the countries of the consortium. The survey served as a pivotal step in refining and enhancing the user experience.

All courses, Open Educational Resources (OERs), and the digital toolkit are hosted on the project’s platform, providing a centralised hub for educational resources. Importantly, individuals interested in these offerings could register freely without any specific entrance prerequisites.

In a commitment to accessibility, the courses are offered free of charge, adopting a self-paced mode. This means that users, once activated, can commence their learning journey at their convenience, tailoring the experience to their own pace and individual learning needs.

As the testing and validation phase unfolded, DigiLEAD successfully paved the way for an inclusive and dynamic educational landscape. The project progressed towards its ambitious goals, marking a significant milestone in advancing education through technology.

Visit the platform via the project’s website.