Launching the eLearning Platform and Mobile App

In the context of Result 3 of the DigiLEAD project, an eLearning platform and mobile application have been launched to support school leaders to build a digital transformation strategy and empower educators with the skills to lead with technology in the classroom.

The eLearning platform, built using open-source software, promises easy accessibility through various online devices. What distinguishes this initiative is its inclusion of a comprehensive collection of courses explicitly tailored for both school leaders and teachers. These courses, developed in previous stages of the project, cover a spectrum of digital transformation strategies aimed at enhancing technological leadership skills in education.

The accompanying mobile app introduces gamified resources, ensuring an engaging learning experience. The mobile app’s flexibility caters to “on-the-go” learning needs.

In an effort to foster international collaboration, the platform has been localised, translated into Bulgarian, Greek, Portuguese and Dutch and provided free of charge to users worldwide. This initiative represents a transformative leap towards equipping school leaders and educators with essential technology leadership skills, enhancing education in the digital age.

Visit the eLearning platform via the project’s website!